Skip the boring stuff and dive right into the code
that differentiates your app.

Get the SaaS Kit

Providing a strong foundation

More than just plugins, the SaaSKit can act as the foundation of your new Ruby on Rails SaaS application.

Save time with packaged code

You can save time using code that's being used in production applications built by developers like you.

Filling in the missing pieces

Your project is already underway? The Kit you get will fit right in with your pre-existing project.


Write your app. Not billing code.

The SaaSKit gets your new software-as-a-service site off to a running start by providing you a well-tested and proven recurring billing system with credit card payments.

You also get a framework for building membership-based applications, including account signups upgrades/downgrades, tiered pricing levels with customizable limits (e.g, # of users, # of projects, etc.), multi-tenant data security in a single database, and more.


We offer two licensees, the ingle Site License and the Single Site License Plus. The first offera the SaaSkit gem, sample app and documenation.

The Single Site License Plus offers all of the items mentinoned before, plus 1 on 1 time with one of our developers to help you get set up and plan the perfect implementation. This includes up to 8 hours of screensharing time you can use as you see fit. Our developers are Ruby on Rails experts so we can help with any other question you might have as you are getting started on your new app.

Single Site Licence Plus $999.00
Single Site Licence $249.00

What our Customers Say!

Chris Grant


“ A little more than a year ago, I purchased “The Money Train,” an e-book written by Benjamin Curtis. I’ve since purchased a second copy for my business partner because I thought the tips on building an e-commerce site were priceless. We’ve been working on “the meat” of our site and have been putting off the grueling task of building a recurring billing system. Even armed with the knowledge contained in Benjamin’s e-book, there’s a lot of ways to shoot yourself in the foot when it comes to billing code. Let’s face it, the last thing you want to do is write code that accidentally messes with other people’s money. I came across Rails Kits and saw that it was from the same guy that wrote that e-book. Even better, he’d finally done what I wished he had done before: built a best-of-breed billing system using his intimate knowledge of billing systems. I purchased the SaaS Rails Kit and have been working through the code. This really is awesome stuff! Days and weeks of our time have been saved and we couldn’t be happier.”

Jarrett Green


“Amazing product - best $250 I’ve spent in a while.”

Garrett Dimon


“ We were already pretty far along in the development process, so we didn’t use the kit right out of the box. Instead, it was an incredibly useful codebase for selectively pulling out bits and pieces that we needed to implement. It easily saved us a week of implementation time and we were even able to pick up some new coding habits as well”

Eric Campbell

“ I purchased the kit tonight and have been going through the code the past couple of hours. Everything looks very good. This was the last piece for my subscription based service and it couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. It’s sort of funny, because I wrote out a list of features I needed to implement in my subscription based billing 3 days ago, and then I saw this on your blog today and the feature list is almost identical…. having the payment processing section of my app being the only place where I lacked direct experience, it made buying this a no-brainer :)”

Tee Parham

Mobile Foundry

“ We’re using the Saas Rails Kit on a startup site. Even if we just use it as a reference site, it’s totally worth it!”

Brian Ketelsen


“ I’d recommend buying the Rails Kit for Software as a Service from Ben Curtis. It’s $250 well spent on billing/gateway code that has been well tested. I’m using it for a site in production now quite happily.”

Ken Hudson

“ I recently purchased the SaaS Rails Kit. In the process of deploying it to my server I ran into some issues and problems. In all honesty, the issues were related to my lack of knowledge in a couple areas - not any problems with the SaaS Rails Kit itself. None the less, Benjamin Curtis was very responsive and very helpful in helping me analyze and resolve my issues. He really went the extra mile to ensure that I got the help I needed in a timely and effective manner. I sincerely appreciate his assistance and I’m looking forward to using the SaaS Rails Kit to develop a new production application.”