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More than just plugins, these starter kits can act as the foundation of your new Rails application.

Save time with packaged code

You can save time using code that's being used in production applications built by developers like you.

Filling in the missing pieces

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Write your app. Not billing code.

The SaaS Rails Kit gets your new software-as-a-service site off to a running start by providing you a well-tested and proven recurring billing system with credit card payments.

You also get a framework for building membership-based applications, including account signups/upgrades/downgrades, tiered pricing levels with customizable limits (e.g, # of users, # of projects, etc.), multi-tenant data security in a single database, and more.


Supported Gateways

The SaaS kit supports the following payment gateways: CIM, Braintree, Payment Express, Stripe, and TrustCommerce, all via ActiveMerchant.

Collect your Information

  • Automated notification and retry of failed renewals.
  • Free accounts and one-month trials are supported.
  • Discounts
  • Optionally collect payment information for paid accounts at account creation.
  • Optionally collect setup fees, if you collect payment info up-front and don’t have a trial period.

Easy Customization

  • Easy customization of plan levels pricing and custom limits.
  • Ability to tweak limits and fees per account.
  • Self-serve account creation.
  • Self-serve account upgrades and downgrades, with limit checking to prevent
  • downgrading to a plan for which the account does not qualify, based on the plan limits.
  • Account lookups by subdomain (multi-tenant).
  • Ability for users to reset their own passwords (Forgot your password?…)

Simple Code

  • Uses the inherited_resources gem to easily scope all model access to the current account.
  • Comes with a limit on the number of users each account can have,
  • complete with controller code, as an example of how to implement limits.
  • Integration of devise gem, customized for a multi-tenant web service.
  • Compatible with rails 4
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We offer a Multiple Site License, perfect for agencies which are looking to save development time for their own products and a separate Single Site License, very attractive to kickstart 3rd party projects.

Multiple Site Licence $999.00
Single Site Licence $249.00


The Helpdesk Rails Kit provides a help center, complete with email integration and knowledge base, for your web application.


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