Choose your License

Choose your license based on your development needs. All licenses come with full source code. They are not limited to a set number of developers, but they are limited based on the number of sites you want to build. A “site” is one web application served from one domain, such as


Single Site Licence Plus

The Single Site License Plus offers all of the items mentioned before, plus 1 on 1 time with one of our developers to help you get set up and plan the perfect implementation. This includes up to 8 hours of screensharing time you can use as you see fit. Our developers are Ruby on Rails experts so we can help with any other question you might have as you are getting started on your new app.


Single Site Licence

Suitable for developers building a single hosted web service. If you’re a startup building one product, this is the license for you. You can use the SaaS Rails Kit - Single Site License as the basis for one subscription-based site.

Not sure whether you are going to build multiple sites at this point? You can always buy the Single Site License now and get a discount equal to the cost of the Single Site License on a purchase of the Multiple Site License later.

By purchasing a license you are agreeing to the license agreement