Content Management Rails Kit

Easily create a members-only content site.

Would you like to quickly create a content management system that has areas restricted to only be viewable to paying customers? Do you want to avoid having to write the recurring billing and account management code yourself?

The CMS Rails Kit gets your new content site up and running quickly by combining the proven and well-tested billing code from the SaaS Rails Kit with the extendable Radiant open source content management system. If you want to create a premium content web site using Ruby on Rails, the CMS Rails Kit is for you.

Provided as a Radiant extension, this Kit can be easily added to a Radiant-based site without requiring any code to be written. After adding this extension to a Radiant site, you’ll have a way to restrict pages to only paying customers, and even set up tiered levels of access, if desired. With this Kit you’ll add customer self-signup/self-service, payment gateway integration, and automated billing to your content site.

Supported gateways:

PayPal billing agreements (reference transactions) are also supported, so all you need is a PayPal Website Payments Standard business account to get started. Please note that collecting credit card info via a PayPal Website Payments Pro account is not currently supported. If you want to offer both PayPal and credit card payment options, you’ll need to use one of the supported gateways listed above.

Sorry, this product is currently unavailable.

Choose your license based on your development needs. All licenses come with full source code. They are not limited to a set number of developers, but they are limited based on the number of sites you want to build. A “site” is one web application served from one domain, such as

The license is a one-time fee. You don’t need to pay yearly, per developer, or per server.

Not sure whether you are going to build multiple sites at this point? You can always buy the Single Site License now and get a discount equal to the cost of the Single Site License on a purchase of the Multiple Site License later.

Single Site License

Suitable for developers building a single content site.

Multiple Site License

This license is intended for companies / developers that are building multiple membership content sites. This would be suitable for independent consultants and agencies building solutions for clients.

By purchasing a license you are agreeing to the license agreement

  • No local credit card storage. All credit card information is stored with the payment gateway, so you don’t have to worry about the PCI implications of storing credit card numbers.
  • Automated billing script runs nightly for anniversary billing.
  • Configurable subscription renewal period (defaults to one month).
  • Automated notification and retry of failed renewals.
  • Free accounts and one-month trials are supported.
  • Optionally collect payment information for paid accounts at account creation.
  • Optionally collect setup fees, if you collect payment info up-front and don’t have a trial period.
  • Ability to tweak limits and fees per account.
  • Self-serve account creation.
  • Self-serve account upgrades and downgrades.
  • SSL protection of account creation and login via the SslRequirement plugin.
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