Supported Gateways

  • CIM, Braintree, Payment Express, Stripe, and TrustCommerce, all via ActiveMerchant
  • No local credit card storage. All credit card information is stored with the payment gateway, so you don’t have to worry about the PCI implications of storing credit card numbers.
  • Automated billing script runs nightly for anniversary billing.
  • Configurable subscription renewal period (defaults to one month).
  • Automated notification and retry of failed renewals.

Easy Customization

  • Easy customization of plan levels pricing and custom limits.
  • Ability to tweak limits and fees per account.
  • Ability for users to reset their own passwords (Forgot your password?…)
  • Easily provide Discounts
  • Account lookups by subdomain (multi-tenant).

Simple Code

  • Uses the inherited_resources gem to easily scope all model access to the current account.
  • Comes with a limit on the number of users each account can have, complete with controller code, as an example of how to implement limits.
  • Integration of devise gem, customized for a multi-tenant web service.
  • Compatible with rails 5


We offer two licensees, the ingle Site License and the Single Site License Plus. The first offera the SaaSkit gem, sample app and documenation.

The Single Site License Plus offers all of the items mentinoned before, plus 1 on 1 time with one of our developers to help you get set up and plan the perfect implementation. This includes up to 8 hours of screensharing time you can use as you see fit. Our developers are Ruby on Rails experts so we can help with any other question you might have as you are getting started on your new app.

Single Site Licence Plus $999.00
Single Site Licence $249.00